DC 19 in India?

by કાર્તિક

* My wife and kid (ie Kavin) went to Mumbai for enjoying Ganesh Utsav today. I came back home from station to home via AMTS (ah, that bought my 47 route memories of hostel days). During travel of that 15 minutes, I thought why Debconf can’t be in India? It can – May be DC 19 or 21? God knows – that is very long planning and I still have to be there at one Debconf 😛 But, but, as always – I am very optimistic.

I am looking for where in India it can happen.

Ahmedabad: Plenty of good venues, well connected, but in dry state – no alcohol ie no Cheese & Wine party! July/August is terrible weather for outsiders.
Bangalore: Very good connectivity (Internet/Reach), Venue is problem, Weather is good/ok.
Chennai: IITM. Probably, other venues? Debian is popular (I am only Indian DD, not connected to IITs). Weather?
Mumbai: Bad for organization of any event, costly – but IITB is plus point.
Pune: Weather seems good, good connectivity but no idea about venue(s).

Any other places?

Don’t shoot me, please 😛