[VAC] 26th March – 4th April

by કાર્તિક

* We (3Ks) will be at Mumbai from tomorrow till 4th April.

Initially, I adjusted my vacation (& paid leaves ;)) along with 3rd Indic Developers Meet – but somehow it is not going to happen within this timeframe – So, I have big vacation where I have nothing to do apart from spending time with family, watching TV and reading unfinished wishlist books. I will check mails once or twice in a day, will hack something at night, will do KDE Gujarati work – but, can’t upload packages on slow connection there (or may be I can?). Feel free to do NMU – at moment, nothing seems serious in my packages (yep, speech-tools need to fix! Thank God, Kumar is there to take care :P)

C ya, soon!