I AM DD now!

by કાર્તિક

* I think it will take time to have updated status on my NM status page but I can’t resist myself because,

– kartik@debian.org works

– I updated db.debian.org

– Added uid in my GPG key and synchronized it with Debian Keyserver

– Updated Developers location

So, in short, all these things means:


Many thanks to My family (Koki, Mom, Papa, brother Rinit and Little Kavin for supporting and encouraging me during this long journey), Jaldhar Vyas for advocating my application, my AM Mohammed Adnène Trojette (adn), all kind and helpful sponsors of my n number of packages (jaldhar, mones, adn, daniel (special thanks for number of uploads), pabs, joeyh for Festival upload, rkrishnan, acid, tolimar, twerner, bubulle, nijel, bernat, marillat, akumar, hertzog and finally gwolf).

Special mention and thanks to bubulle and sam – for coming down and having nice meet at BLR during foss.in/2007, that gave my power back to continue my work when I was frustrated with certain situations.

Another special thanks to dear friends – nirav, pradeepto, tuxmaniac and atul chitnis for always encouraging me for my Debian work.

In short, you all people rocks!

Now, what next?

I will keep continue doing my packging work as it is, I have plan to get involve more in near future, but as of now – I first need give time and focus RC bugs for Lenny 😛