by કાર્તિક

*  On Sunday, I attended BarCamp and gave small talk on Session was well received and there were number of good questions and feedback from people. Apart from learning something new and meeting new people, nice campus of IIM-A was attraction for me.

Some bits from event,

1. IIMA campus is running Windows network, No wifi was provided during camp (bah!)

2. Came to know about osx86 project

3. Food was good, specially: Samosa!

4. CMS was hot topic during camp

5. Discussion kind of session were on top rather than showing slides (and, I had to use Windows machine as projector cable was glued with monitor there!)

6. Met Harit and friends and had nice discussion from how to configure GPRS connection in Linux to how to bundle Java application on Windows 🙂

I left event around 4 PM after Tea break.