Misc Life Updates

by કાર્તિક

* Personal:

– I am almost settled after one month at Ahmedabad and now early looking for new rented house (ie home), 1 or 2BHK.

– Kavin got minor electric shock while playing with switch and socket. Fortunately, my wife was holding him and doctor told that there is nothing to worry. He is `difficult` to handle and long examination of my fatherhood will start soon when they will be here at Ahmedabad.

– Work is going great. I have very good team now!

* Debian:

– Sandro Tosi will be co-maintainer or probably take over sitecopy package from me and will put it under collab-maint repository. Since, I mentioned that I am bit busy with settling down here and it will not be great if such useful package requires time to fix bugs with patches available already.

– D-I translation of Level 1 and 2 for Gujarati language are again 100%. Hunting Level 3 now.

– I am not still able to install Debian properly on my macbook! Only useful source for this is, http://wiki.debian.org/MacBook Any other pointers/docs will be 🙂