Meeting with Kstar and Weekend

by કાર્તિક

* Mistake happens in Life. I did it too, you may have done it in the past. There is no point of digging grave. Probably time to do some work to make sure that it will not happen again.

XKCD Tribute.

* Kstar (Akarsh Simha, GSoC candidate of KDE Project, Kstars) is in city (I mean his hometown!) enjoying his vacation, so I decided to meet him on Friday. I wanted to do it on Saturday but some other plan was there which indeed never happen and that is another story itself. Anyway, we met near MG Road/Brigade Road junction and went to Pizza Hut. Nice discussion of 2 hours, nice pizzas and finally mandatory click. We talked from Debian to FOSS culture in IITM (Note that IITM has 2 most active DDs from India!).

Me thinking? Kstar and Kart_

* So, my Saturday was totally wasted due to silly things. Dear Kushal was not there in town — so, none was there to annoy from me. I thought I was able to wash my all dirty clothes in the morning but, it was power cut! I waited till 12PM to bathe (Indeed, you can’t take bath without power as bathroom is too dark, and I fear cockroach too much).

Power went again around 6 PM and I went outside, wondered here and there, came back to home. Still no power. OMG, it came after 10.30 PM!

Yet another reason to hate this city, BLR.