pyslide story

by કાર્તિક

* Someday back, it was decided that python-xml is no longer updated in Debian and Ubuntu, so it will be removed and this bug #468610 was filed (with many similar bugs). Good enough. I was searching and looking into it with my limited knowledge of Python and so on. Accidentally, I found that this bug has been ‘fixed’ into Ubuntu LP: #199014. Nice. I tried that solution and it wasn’t really working. So, Onkar opened it quickly with confirmation. Thanks to him for quick work.

So, I requested for ‘help’ of this bug. Nothing came from submitter. Now, it was closed again (9th April) with saying that python-xml dependency has been re-added. But, this diff is saying different story. It may be slipped in hurry of releasing Hardy!

Moral of the story: Ubuntu needs more QA work.

PS: Ubuntu users, please report grave bug if pyslide is not working without python-xml.

PS II: pyslide is nice little package to create nice presentations 🙂