Tips and Tricks: How to deal with auto rickshaw in BLR

by કાર્તિક

* Bubulle and Sam has already seen it. But, if you ever likely to coming down to BLR this tips and tricks can be useful. So, print it out!

– Do not catch rickshaw on one-way. Even if your offer 1000 INR, they will not come to place where traffic is terrible.

– Do not ask them where cop/policeman is not near.

– Do not catch auto near biggie place like MG Road. They are smart and they will tell you tripple amount of fare because they know that people near these places are rich and can pay whatever they tell.

– Keep your half of your budget for traveling inside BLR, half for rest of the things (like airfare, shoppings etc).

– Learn Kanndda properly, if not, do not speak in Hindi.

– Keep asking to auto drivers, probably after 45 or 50 tries you will get auto which will come with proper meter based fare.

– The last advice: Hire a bicycle. Good for health, Good for brain.

PS: This post is due to our (/me and Kushal‘s) frustration of tomorrow’s attempt to get auto from Residency road to Ulsoor.