Fresh blood, Debian and India

by કાર્તિક

* We need fresh blood! Yes. Like Lucas mentioned in his last post, along with Debian itself, many small teams and big teams are highly out-numbered and probably dying slowly. Currently, debian-in team has only two active members (jaldhar and if I count myself). We live on #indlinux at moment, which also leads to confusion about actual focus area of team.

So, here are some clear text messages:

– Debian-IN is team to work for ‘Indic’ packages as well as bringing new and fresh blood to Debian from India.

– Its not true that we only work for fonts, we have many other packages: aspell dictionaries and festival-* packages and so on. Update: QA Page for Debian-In-Workers. Thanks Runa.

– We aim to provide platform for upcoming DDs from India. Sadly, all DDs in India are highly isolated at moment.

– Hopefully, we will get #debian-in at oftc. Update: Recovered ‘dead’ channel now. Thanks to Ganneff and h0lger for help. Come and join us!!

Please note that we are considering developers only right now. We have already good numbers of users of Debian in India.