Late report: fossmeet@NITC, Calicut

by કાર્તિક

* With uncertainty principle playing in full form with me, I decided to go to Fossmeet@NITC. But, came to know that there is no bus tickets available! What to do? I called up dear tuxmaniac aka Aanjhan and he suggested me to go by taxi. wow. Pretty expensive it will be, I thought. What ever, we decided to go with burning (hip) pockets and the journey was terrible. I did such long travel (7 hours) in taxi after long time. Anyway, we reached at NITC around 6 AM.

The Keralian atmosphere was excellent and I felt similar humidity like Mumbai and that made me a bit sad. Ah. The event was already kicked off the day before and I attended Praveen’s talk on openid while figuring out that wifi is not working for us (proxy and they didn’t care to let us know password etc).

So, we headed towards lab and enjoyed some Internet while seating in ‘Foss for school children’ workshop. Lunch was ok, but I enjoyed talking with different people and it was nice talk with Ani Peter about current localization work from Redhat. These guys simply rocks! Got my conference tshirt before ‘Medium’ size is out-of-stock.

We were eagerly waiting for our dear Pradeepto, and voila, he came and started his talk! I was attending his talk first time (always missed due to some or other reasons..). Excellent and interactive. No slides. /me need to learn something from this fellow!

We were 100% tired at evening. So, first we changed to better ‘room’. Thanks to NITC co-coordinators who did quick action for this (Why we requested for changing room? Answer: The previous room had only one power-supply plug! and we want to do hacking at night!). We then headed towards ‘Malabar Palace’. Excellent South Indian food and beer.

The next day — I was suppose to give talk on ‘Contributing to Debian’ but by some magic, the talk was disappeared from schedule. Sad. Anyway, we (me, tuxmaniac and pradeepto) gave live talk on ‘How to contribute to free software’. We used SVN, Bugzilla, Wiki, SF.Net and other tools (IRC!) to show how students can use these in college projects and make it much better and how it can lead to Free Software development. I did svn commit for KDE Gujarati (Idea stoled from Rusty’s talk at

We then decided to leave the place. The return trip was amazing. Pookat lake and Mysore Palace. Amazing places. We had nice dinner and Kamat Hotel and I bought one wood penguin too (Total number of Penguin toys=4, Now).

I learned that Calicut is also known as Kozikode 🙂