Lecture at RVCE

by કાર્તિક

* I was called to take small session on Debian at RVCE (Rashtriya Vidhyalaya College of Engineering, Mysore Road, Bangalore). Me, Praveen and Srijit went there by somewhat long journey by changing two buses. The college building is awesome and faculty who arranged all day, Renuka Prasad is more awesome than that. Shyam was already there and he came down from Kerala to take session. Vikram Vincent was also there and he talked about translation of Kannada (I don’t understand why Kannada translation is so lagging behind as even I took inspiration of Kn-OO.o team!). Well, event was kicked off by Praveen with Google Summer of Code presentation. Meanwhile, I prepared slides 😉 My session was good (Ah!). And people were more interested in Compiz-Fusion on my laptop. I tried my best to show all cool things in Debian. We are planning to have one full day session on Debian+Localization+Kn Aspell Dictionary Sprint.

* I am optimistic for this college and yeah I missed ‘Welcome Lunch’ arranged for me by #linux-india freaks due to this event, but I don’t have any regret 😉