What happened to my blog?

by કાર્તિક

* Its pretty dead now. I should have understand that there is no things like Free hosting. Thanks to all who supported and bear my variable blog URL. This is now STABLE and FINAL.

* News: I have done nothing much in Debian except regular maintenance of my packages. Regarding KDE-Gujarati localization, I just got commit access! Thanks to kool KDE-In team and specially to aacid and nicolas for solving my dumb queries.

* Once again, I am going to Ahemdabad, and this time 2Ks are with me!!

* My tooth is almost fine now except I have to visit Dentist daily. The root canal surgery is done and it wasn’t that much scary as I had some myth about it. I need to take picture of my beautiful teeth and upload it to flickr yet 😛