The festival story Or how to deal with dirty .diff.gz

by કાર્તિક

* Once upon a time, I adopted ‘festival‘ and ‘speech-tools‘ packages. Updated it to my standard style of packaging (learned from different mentors) and fixed long pending bugs. I came to know that there is ‘New Upstream Version’ available from long time. Somehow, .diff.gz was so dirty that didn’t dare to touch it and apply and build the packages.

Then, Kumar came and handed over me a nice little script.

#!/usr/bin/awk -f
/^—/ {
name = $2;
sub(/^[^[\/]+\//, “”, name);
gsub(/\//, “_”, name);
if (name !~ /\.diff$/) {
name = name “.diff”;

print $0 >> name;

What it will do? gunzip your dirty .diff.gz and run it over .diff. It will split single .diff in multiple .diff s. You now need to merge or un-merge it manually (ah!). Dpatch can also converts .diff.gz in single patch (then you need to split it yourself! Correct me if I’m wrong!!)

We are now able to successfully packaged festival and speech-tools. Thanks a lot to Kumar for help, patient and tweaks! I am now quilt lover!

Package will be maintain using ‘collab-maint’ in near future. Ah, learning git for it!