by કાર્તિક

* On Saturday night, while watching some horror movie, I got SMS of Anurag (and Pradeepto already invited me/us on IRC!) that we are meeting Kishore tomorrow. Wanna come? It was undecided until 10:30 am, and suddenly, I took bath. Camera was ready. And, I reached and found dudes after some try.

Chicken Salad

Kishor looking for nice pose of outsiders

* It was ‘Pizzeteria’ in front of ‘Hotel Ambassador’. Good Pizza. Roshan and me were veggie, others (Kishore, Anurag, Pradeepto) were only non-veggie! And, we talked lots of things. Mostly about upcoming events like and Feb’s

* We then walked to Chopati for having ‘Green Mirchi Ice Cream’, Kishore discovered this during his early visit to Mumbai and we were not knowing this wonderful stuff even being Mumbaikars!

The Dudes


* Again, we had nice discussion and nice photography on ‘Pradeepto’ 😉 And then ‘Orange Ginger’ and then ‘Orange Juice’.

Kishore, we will love to meet you again 😛