LUGA Meet 0

by કાર્તિક

* Finally, we did it!

List of people who attended meet:
1. Hardik Dalwadi (DeepRoot Linux)
2. Kartik Mistry (Magnet, Utkarsh)
3. Isaac Praveen (DeepRoot Linux)

We met at CCD near LD College of Engineering around 7 PM yesterday. It was surprise that only 3 people actually turned up at meet (I though of atleast 6/7 people). But, since this was Meeting Zero, Never mind!

We discussed lots of things from Debian Etch release to DeepRootLinux. Hardik showed fancy Beryl and Deepofix working. I handed over Debian Etch Multiarch CD, We tried to install it over VMware but couldn’t get it working 😦

We also talked about attending some next cool events and involving student in LUGA. For any LUG, it is vital to have student base. Well, we had nice coffee too (Thanks to Hardik/Abhas Abhinav for sponsoring it!)

And yes, we had nice BSOD when Hardik tried to show me Windows XP Embedded! I took chance to get its video too!!

Pictures at:

So, if you are at/near Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar and care and dare to travel on Sundays, you are most welcome!