GNUnify 2007: Day 2

by કાર્તિક

* It was really good event! We had nice dinner at Pool Side. Interaction with other speakers and students was great and everyone enjoyed it! 2nd day started with talk of Alolita Sharma’s talk on “OpenSource is hip not hype: Top trends to watch in 2007” and after that there was wonderful talk of Dr. Louis on “Managing OpenSource Project”! I liked his style and the way of talking (without slides).

* My and Ubuntu Fiesty RoadMap talk of Mattew was at same time 😦 The good thing was that only genuine interested people was there in talk and it was the best talk from side 🙂 You can download the slides from here: PDF and ODP.

* LFY was given free at desk (with Ubuntu ‘edgy’ CD instead of OpenSuse 10.2!) wow! I am still waiting for payment of my last article of Sep 2006!! So, I hate LFY now! SICSR people gave speakers a nice clock 🙂 (Can be use at NightLamp)

* Don’t forget to visit:

* I hate white-ants! They ate my 6 books 😦