Hack till now..

by કાર્તિક

* You know that we have hackfest in Office. Nirav wrote about it.

* So, what we have hacked till now? We started with introduction, ideas, quake3, Pizza, movie, free hack session. I did some r&d on festival based on festival-te for Gujarati language. Telugu team did really great to work and it can be called hacking (specially to force Unicode work with festival). I also updated gnome-orca package based on feedback of Mario Lang (Accessibility Team). Finally, moved to Ubuntu edgy (some part was remaining..) at Office  (with chrooted Dapper!) and feel not much special except Firefox 2 and new graphics.
* Arun/Vinay took interview of Nirav (and me – most of the questions were N.A. to me!) and it was good exercise.

* People are feeling sleepy as Vishal is playing K-Series songs now.. :0