It works!

by કાર્તિક

* I got OO.o working on my Debian64! But, it is not really working. It is crashing frequently! Only OOImpress seems to work some reasonably. I know that this has to happen. My porting experience is about to start!

* But, got confused with ‘gnome-panel’ today. I think this is the worst ever piece of software written in entire Gnome. Now, situation is like following.
1. I tried to add ‘Mixer applet’ to panel
2. It refuse to add it, says some config file was missing! and shows me question dialog which is blank! and didn’t responde. When I tried to cancel it, it shows ‘Force Quit’ dialog and reappear again!
3. I removed .gnome2*, .gconf* and .nautilus* – It didn’t helped!
4. Reinstalled gnome-panel – Same result 😦

Unfortunately, I wasn unable to take screenshot, I will try and post it tommorrow.

* My card reader is working superb along with all these problems. It works much better than Windows.