Upgrading to ‘etch’

by કાર્તિક

* I was in very much Good mood of Upgrading to Debian ‘etch’ testing from many times. The reason was by default to get some what latest packgae and bit of stability than ‘unstable’. Well, a friend send me 2 DVDs of Official snapshot! and I was very much exited. In this exitment, I did two mistakes,

1. Didn’t take backup of my /home/kartik – Fortunately I have some backup (but 1 month _old_)
2. Didn’t take backup of my brother’s Songs!

And here come step of ‘Partitioning the Disk’ I choose ‘Manual Partition’ and yeah, it was showing single 80 GB harddisk! I was not even asked for ‘Write Changes to Disk’!! 😦

But, Anyway it is testing and I am enjoying Window$ less PC at both h0me and w0rk. My brother and Mom is waiting for their favourite things can be done in etch:
1. Word – PowerPoint – Excel : Hmm. I need to compile OO.o again for AMD64 – or have to use 32bit Chroot
2. Movies – Its ok. Can compile Mplayer and Totem+Codecs is there
3. Flash Player – This is still not there
4. Music – There..
5. Games – Hmmm. I am lucky that all at home are ‘Diwane’ of Frozen Bubble and Card games..

Final Word: Take care while installing ‘etch’ – I think there must be Bug or I may need to report for that..