GLUG Meet Apr 2006

by કાર્તિક

* Finally, I made my mind to attend Lug meet after long-long time. I last attended the meet around 1 year back at IIT Mumbai. The biggest reason and easiness was K wasn’t in town! Well, I picked 374 bus from Goregoa and sleeped! It took 1.5 hours to HBCSE! When I was there, people were busy was Wireless Network (There was Workshop on Wireless Networking on 15th April). I met there with baks17, Dinesh Shah and Mitul. Prashant took small session on ‘top’ and Rajeev showed demos on XGL+Compiz, AIGLX and LIRC. He also showed TVFSB (3D File Browser)! But, Rajeev was taking long time and we have to rush for home! So, me, baks17 and Dinesh Shah left and waited for Bus! and yeah, again we got none other than 374!