by કાર્તિક

* I am back!

* Caught ‘Link Way’ bus to Palanpur from Malad (E) on Republic Day night. And it was my first experience to travel such a long by bus. Bus stopped at various cheap hotels where FOOD was -3 quality so, I only took ‘Pepsi and Chips’.

* At 9 am we reached at Palanpur. Grand Ma’s health was not good. We (Me and Chandreshbhai) just took tea and caught bus for Ambaji. Found a hotel near bus stand. And found a venue too! Good thing was that there was too much distance between food court and exhibition area! So, it helped me a lot!

* Got some valuable feedbacks from various school teachers and principals about both product and marketing. Seen people – how to market product in rural area and lots more. Well, I am not marketing man by heart but this exhibition was different thing 🙂

* Found a mobile in our stole! It was nice temptation for me as no one was around and I don’t have mobile! I kept it but I was feeling badly. Called my brother and finally gave mobile to organizer people. It was one of my happiest moments!

* Went to Palanpur on Sunday. Enjoyed nice scenery during traveling but missed camera 😦 So, finally nice digicam is now one step up than mobile in my private wish-list!

* Met brother and mom and some friends. Again, bus travel to Ahmadabad in next morning. At noon, I have no work to do. It was Crossword time! Got following books,
1. Idli, Orchid and I (ઈડલી, ઓર્કિડ અને હું) – V.V.Kamath
2. Animal Farm – George Orwell
3. Man ni vat (મનની વાત) – Sudha Murti
4. Selected Quotes – Navneet Pub.

Also, read ‘Linux Format’ and ‘Linux Journal’ at reading facility there (Thats why I love Crossword!).

* Finished 1st and 3rd book during today’s travel in ‘Gujarat Express’.