ILUG Meet with Mark Shuttleworth

by કાર્તિક

* Sunday – A Nice Start. KDE 3.5 is running well now, after some help from It was problem with putting ‘startkde’ script to /usr/share/xsession. Thanks Till!

* I got bus from my home to IITB directly. This route is short and it tooks only 50 minutes to be there. Prem met me and gave me ‘Test Driving Linux’ (Which is good book for starters). Thanks Prem.

* Mark came late but meanwhile Pro. Dipak Fatak gave some introduction about Project Eklavya. He also talked about some J-Factor and G-Factor, which was highly irrelevant to that meet, but we didn’t have any options 😦

* Here comes Mark! His talk was tried to interrupt by some silly questions from flame-thrower people (See ILUG-BOM mailing list archives, please) but, Mark was stable and nicely talked. We missed Space Tour experience but overall enjoyed the meet.

* Need to run for $home. K-factor this time!