New Year PArtY!

by કાર્તિક

* Had ‘Happy New Year’ party today between 1pm to 6:30pm. Everyone was given ‘Mask’. There was some nice games like rolling toilet paper to your partner without breaking it and make look him/her like mummy! After that, movie time! ‘God must be crazy’ was amazing movie. But, I was expecting DOOM :-). Some people suggested ‘Antakshari’ which i hate mostly but enjoyed it (as there wasn’t any option and I don’t like to sleep while other people are enjoying). Food-Drink (Non-alcoholic!). Dance!!

* Come to know about new idea of ‘Lightning Talk’. Joey Hess noted on about it. And it will be at DebConf6. It came originally from here! Some more about it is here too. Do we have such talk at next