the day 3

by કાર્તિક

* Wake up early and attend only two talks today. but the day starts with amazing talk from AFC: ‘Inside Outside’ I have some nice pictures here from all days!

* Talked with Zaheda Bhorat of Google and It was good moment for me that she is happy with work progress of Gujarati team, but I know that still lots of things to do!

* We had little ‘Debian-IN’ BOF today: Some points from there:

– Firefox : Need some voice for Indic Support yet
– Debian DVD in some Linux Magazines
– More Languages in Debian-Installer
– All 18 Languages Support by etch will come out..

* Met RKVS Raman from CDAC first time. This is the person who is the man behind the all our fruits of OO.o work! He also speakes Gujarati very well and what else I can say: nice man!

* I managed to get catch Gopi and got my return ticket and nice pics of him 🙂

* My talk is after the lunch tomorrow!