by કાર્તિક

* I went too early to Mumbai Airport and flight was 45 minutes late!

* Catch one local man and went to Majestic and took auto, auto driver was nice and he left me to the Jawahar Guest House directly. And I was surprised that Jaldhar was there as my partner. We talked a lot! Nirav was also hacking his openlazlo till late night!

* Went to and I was feeling nice to see long queue of delegates! I attend Alan Cox and Danese Cooper‘s talk. And naturally it was nice!

* foss expo: where all foss projects are showing, i was almost there after that. Jaldhar’s talk was nice but he was feeling ill due to ‘pizza’ and may be foreign body! but ‘Creating Debian Packages’ was nice session and people asked lots of questions!

* Windsor Pub is nice place and I took lots of pics!

* More –> Later when I will get someone’s lappy!