Its time, baby

by કાર્તિક

* Running out of time!

* I was there at office during NIGHT and had good ‘experience’ of OO.o and many other things! Strange things are becoming very strange!

* My OO.o took 2.5 days to complete without any errors!

* Got pnet and it works fine!

* Will be at Bangalore at 1700 today.

* What is responsibility ? Read below:

kartik@olive:~$ fortune
Everyone says that having power is a great responsibility. This is
a lot of bunk. Responsibility is when someone can blame you if something
goes wrong. When you have power you are surrounded by people whose job it
is to take the blame for your mistakes. If they’re smart, that is.
— Cerebus, “On Governing”

* I love to read this
Thanks OldMonk!