by કાર્તિક

* I got Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy CDs from friend (for both AMD64/x86) and upgrades my Office PC to overcome all dependencies I faced during two-three days to compile OO.o 2.0 (Well, ooo-build-m138/9) and it was good experience! I went to #ubuntu and just asked people a question regarding ‘update to breezy’ and bots/people attackes me with url and suggestions! #ubuntu is known as most supportive channel, btw. I used CD to upgrade and it was smooth mostly. Only I lost my firefox-bookmarks 😦 and Keyboard switcher stopped to work (This was also happened during warty–>hoary upgrade!). The good things I like was this on-the-fly way to attract people! Ubuntu is coming with new ideas that are out-of-box! The second thing is ‘Language Selector’ where we can choose to install our choice of languages directly associated with all application (like firefox, openoffice-langugepack etc)

Ubuntu's new On-the-fly-translation way

* Sent my slides! Thanks to nirav for good suggestions!