The Great Day!

by કાર્તિક

The last day at Indic Developer’s Meet was one of the most memorable day of my life. It was my birthday!

I wake up late and watch was showing 8:30 am. I had to go at Meet around 9 am, so had no time to shave 🙂 Everyone was there (Yeah, Karunakar wasn’t there). Nirav was also seating there. We had discussion for the roadmap of Indic Development. People took responsibility to do various tasks. You can look at Meeting’s log here. After lunch, we had nice photo session too. Amish distributed OpenSUSE CDs among developers. warren took nice session on Drupal. He was suppose to do it one first day, but was trapped in rain 😦

Navin took interviews of each team for FOSS.TV there. I was bit shy, as giving my first TV interview 🙂 Me, Nirav, warren and navin took Taxi from HBCSE and went to bandra. We went to Mocca. Nirav and Navin took some items that was unknown to me. Mocca is good place for Hukka lovers 😉 I will be back at Mocca! Me and warren took usual pitcher at nearby place. We again took taxi and they left me at corner of link road. People was waiting for me and it was really great party at /home! Nice cake (yeah eagless) and gifts! K (and Rinit) gifted a nice FastTrack watch! I have to go K’s place when she was going back as it was around 12 am. Got too many phone calls during day, but simply not enable to pick most of them. Sorry Friends. Thanks all at Indic Meet and all friends for wishing me!