Indic Meet Day 3!

by કાર્તિક

Day 3:

I wake up late and saw that people are still sleeping. I was there in lab till 12 am with Karunakar and Ramkrshna! The first session was about to start somewhat late so Amish and Me demostrated power of Mono to people. I present a example that can convert translitrate text to Gujarati (Which is part of LFY Mono Article Series). Ramkrshna took nice session on ‘Iterative Development Model of IndLinux’ with nice presentation. Soumyadip and Bhaskar (GNULinuxer) shows how to build Debian and RPM Packages. Sayamindu answered font related questions and shows how-to work with FontForge. In end, Karunakar discussed ‘Mozilla Printing Problem’.

We got OO.o build for almost all languages last night! Hunspell is also working with OO.o 2.0 and Gujarati aspell dictionary is ready for first release.

I forgot cable of my camera and its memory-card is full! Nirav may come with cable tomorrow, so that people can take photos on thier laptops.