Gujarat Diary

by કાર્તિક

Oh! Fianlly got internet access and found that my favourite is now working and I may lose my all mailing list mails and need to search archives!

Well, I’m at Ahmedabad from last two weeks! Due to ‘Mumbai rain’, I went back from near Surat on Wednesday. Hoping that I will reach my /home soon and get back to work once again with Mumbai spirit!

The first week was mixture of good and bad memories. We were already late due to Train delay and first day was almost waste as all govt. offices are closed after 5 PM. Due to first day’s delay we trapped in chain of delay! I done some silly mistake and it lead to one more day here! I went to all my ‘Mama’s home. Ahmedabad is round shape city where travelling is so hard, Auto is costly and city-bus frequency is relatively less.

Some little bit raining last night! Enjoyed it with cousin brother at his home 🙂