Running Sarge!

by કાર્તિક

Finally got Debian ‘Sarge’ fully working! And playing songs through amaroK ! amaroK is the great mp3 player and all at /home are impressed with it! It saves songs database to real database (sqlite in my case).

Sat-sun was nice days. Done some gardening at home (Bought 1 chinese plants, 1 Money plant (From K) and 1 Rose, 1 Tulsi – My Garden;-))

Well, Going to Ahmedabad on tomorrow night for [O] work, and will be back in 1/2 days. Lots of work is in pending! Need to complete some translations and latest build of OO.o too! OO.o 2.0 is still far away, as there are too many bugs to solve! I also need to work for Debian-Installer and new Utkarsh site.