Getting Linux Distros

by કાર્તિક

Me and my brother was talking about various Linux Distributions; he argued that the people confused by so much versions and distos of Linux; Which one is Right ? He is normal computer user satisfied with Excel (and now moving to OO.o calc!), We talked almost 1 hour about this. Conclusion: Linux (Well, ubuntu has done excellent job!) is not ready for people like my brother and mom. Although they like l10n way of Linux. Even admires look-and-feel of Gnome (Nuvola theme!) and KDE!
Hmm, Great look and feel of Utkarsh is due to combination of Nuvola and Aakar font! If you haven’t try Aakar Gujarati font, Get it from

Well, another reason we talked was ‘Getting Linux’! People have difficulty to getting Linux due to lack of fast connection (and may be lack of contact of other Linux Users!). Some sites like are doing great job by selling Linux Distros at lower costs (less than in US!)