Mozilla v/s Firefox and Thunderbird ++

by કાર્તિક

What is the future of Mozilla? I think Firefox and Thunderbird will take place of Mozilla in near future! Firefox and Thunderbird in Gujarati is working fine and almost have Good translation. Mozilla 1.6 is in Gujarati but we need to fix many translation issues in it. So, for better, I just take work Mozilla 1.7.3 (May be latest version). It will be complete soon. is providing free (some * is there like any other free offer!) web hosting baseed on mMono server. I made but can’t get ftp access till moment. Right now learning to run Mono as backend server and hosting at my localhost.

There’ll be small picnic tomorrow from Office. I’m not sure to go!

kart_: homosapien, what happened to my HEAD?
homosapien: I think you’ll be Headless on sunday!
— #indlinux on irc.freenode