IIIMF Keyboard in Gujarati

by કાર્તિક

IIIMF Keyboard for Gujarati is almost working. Thanks to Sunil Mohan and Jignesh,Ankur (My Team) for great work. We just need to one small problem with ‘half character’. Here is some link from that you can get better idea about what is IIIMF. For Debian you need to install iiim-server by apt-get and some hard work to make it run!

1. Setting up IIIMF

2. Openi18n Home Page

3. Indlinux Wiki (I’m getting 404 nowadays! May be Karunakar is setting it again.. but it was great resources for us)

Next utkarsh version will include IIIMF along with Phonetic and Inscript keyboard layout. For IIIMF-switcher we use RPM and convert it to deb using ‘alien’ !