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If you are at Mumabai and near Boriwali area, Please visit Utkarsh stall at ‘Gujarati Book Fair’ at Bhatia Hall, LT Road, Near Boriwali Station. The Exhibition is starting from Saturday. A must visit for Book Lovers ! I may be at stall or moving around book stalls, searching for some good books. Catch me there..

And I forgot to say thanks Sunil Mohan ! The great guy that makes us possible iiimf in Gujarati. We will shortly include it in Utkarsh also.

KDE 3.4 ++

KDE 3.4 is released, Look this:
KDE 3.4 Announcement

Also, Knoppix 3.8 is out with new concept of UniformFS, that makes possible write-access to CD ! Actually it points some part of RAM as CD while you write something (like you do apt-get).

So, It’s KDE Day ??