Just mix..

by કાર્તિક

After long time got mail from Linuxlala. He’s fine.

JHQuest from LUGA was here but I couldn’t manage to met him. He is at Australia and working as Developer there. Burn some CDs for LUGA people and need to send it to JHQuest at A’bad.

I was thinking for LinuxAsia but it’s fees are too costly ! May be GNUnify will be better and take less time to attend as it will be held at Pune.

Got together at K’s home last night. Had a great fun there. Got CDs of Scary movie 3 from Jignesh/Piyush !!

QT linguist is another great tool for l10n. I like it very much, right now compiling it to add Gujarati stuffs..

Me and Sagar (Our Coldfusion Developer) agreed on just one point – Solaris 10 !! We’re planning to get it !