Sunday and Slackware

by કાર્તિક

Linux people are very helpful. I met one of those helpful people — Rajen. He gave me Slackware 10.0, and sunday night was dedicated to slackware. A great distro for stability lovers. Rajen also gave me some useful tips about Fonts and gentoo.

My first move to Slackware is to set Slackware wallpaer on my Fedora 1 Desktop ! Many thanks to Rajen. So, Debian and Slackware and Gentoo and Knoppix and Ubuntu ! I need 120 HHD, but my system supports only 40 GB !! 😦

Saturday was dedicated review of Office 2003 – Gujarati language pack. A good effort (I have to say that !) from M$. But it have no phonetic keyboard, Which is advantage to Utkarsh.