December GLUG-Meet

by કાર્તિક

*Minutes of December GLUG-Meet @ KReSIT – IIT*

The GNU/Linux Users Group of Mumbai held its December GLUG meet at KReSIT – IIT Bombay on 19th December 2004. This meet was attended by about 25 people coming from all over the city.
Following discussions and talk were held:

-> *Python Programming – by Steve*

Steve Fernandes from Ensim specially came down form Pune to give a talk on Python. Python is an upcoming language which is being considered by many as an ideal programming language which a beginner and people from non-programming background can start with. Python, which was originally developed by scientists and mathematicians has many inherent advantages that makes it favored for a lot of applications. Python is used in a large number of places like redhat’s config tools as well as complex and heavy applications like Zope and GNU Mailman. A Python program flows like poetry, hence it is easy to read and self documenting.By the way, the language “Python” is named after the BBC show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” and has nothing to do with nasty reptiles.

-> *Mono – by Amish*

Amish Munshi from Novell gave a talk on Mono. Mono is being very agressively developed and is soon going to reach its 2.0 version in mid 2005. Amish started with the basics of .Net platform, howto write-compile programs using Mono and howto host ASP.NET applications with Apache. Amish has written a nice document explaining procdures invloved in configuring Mono with Apache. Amish gave away SuSE DVDs to select gluggers who asked the best question (Although I didn’t ask any question, I got one..)
* Details of next GLUG meet:
Date: 9 Jan 2005.

[Taken from iLug-Mail]